If you really want to get fancy, plan some music for your firework show – you can even call it an official soundtrack! Many of the big professional shows feature pyrotechnics choreographed to music, it creates a multi-sensory experience that the audience won’t soon forget. Even if you’re just putting on a small display of fireworks in your backyard, you can sync up some songs on your iPod and blare the tunes through patio speakers.
When choosing music for your fireworks, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, the season of the show will direct your song selection; for example, the Fourth of July will have patriotic songs while New Years Eve may benefit from up-tempo pop songs. Second, you’ll also want to keep the tastes of your audience in mind. Do they like classical music over heavy metal or are pint-sized pyrotechnics fans who will like fun children’s music? 
Pick about 10 or more of songs that all work well together but are unique in their own way. A mix of music tempos, such as mellow to fast-beat, will give your firework display added interest.  You don’t have to use the entire song, beginning to end. Instead, use an audio editing software to cut, splice, and edit the firework show soundtrack. Make sure to time the big burst to coordinate with the accent points in your music, toes will be tapping and eyes will be wide. For fun, you can even burn extra copies of the music for your party guests to take home!