With Thanksgiving approaching, I am anticipating the array of epicurean delights that will be featured on my family’s dining room table. Of course, the roasted turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce are staples of the season that will be devoured by all until we can no longer move. However, I always save room for the buffet pies that that is presented a couple hours later.  From pumpkin and pecan pies to apple and chocolate silk pies, it’s never physically possible to eat an entire slice of each in one sitting – a sample of each is the way to go!
This reminds me of another favorite indulgence of the season, fireworks!  However, instead of limiting myself to just one “slice” of the pyrotechnic pie, I prefer to buy assortment firework packages to experience a range of colors, noises and effects. After all, isn’t variety the spice of life?  At AllSparkFireworks.com, you can find dozens of different assortments of today’s most popular firework items. From massive-sized assortments like King of the Block (which has nearly everything you can possible imagine) to kid’s assortments filled with sparklers, snaps and poppers, your November festivities will be a literal blast!  The goodies are shipped straight to your door and all price points are available too, from under 10 dollars to several hundreds of dollars for the big spenders