daytime fireworks
Have you ever heard of daytime fireworks?  No, this is not a belated April fool’s joke; daytime fireworks are actual pyrotechnic items that can be seen when the sky is light as opposed to the traditional nighttime viewing. If you try and shoot off a standard firework during the day, the sun will negate most of the sparkling effects. While you may see a bit of the explosion, really all you’ll get from a traditional firework display during day hours is the benefit of the report – the loud noise (bang, whistle, crackle) that it makes.
Daytime fireworks are must less common that regular artillery shells, fountains, bottle rockets, roman candles, sparklers and other fireworks shot off at night.  Despite the unique factor and “cool” factor of day fireworks, these types of pyrotechnic element aren’t seen very frequently and can be quite hard to find on the consumer market. You can hire a professional pyrotechnic company to put together a daytime firework display for a large function. Or, if you’re lucky, catch a piece of performance art that comes together when an artist uses daytime fireworks as a medium and the sky as a canvas. Or, you can do it yourself with simple daytime fireworks purchased from
Daytime fireworks can’t rely on the fleeting sparkles of light created by traditional fireworks; they disappear too fast into a sun-brightened horizon. Most fireworks for daytime are made from smoke reactions. The smoke elements can be seen in sky as the effect spreads from a compact, opaque look to a dissipating, hazy look. In addition to smoke bombs, other fireworks for non-night use include parachutes, lanterns and confetti-shooting items. If you want to liven up your lunch hour, check out the daytime fireworks at