It’s Leap Year in 2012, this means that just in a mere week we all will be living and breathing in that one weird day that comes on February 29th, every four years. There are many things you can do to celebrate this ‘make up” day for the last 4 years of Earth rotating the sun leaving behind a fractional remainder. Centuries ago, Leap Day was the only socially accepted time for a woman to propose marriage to a man. If you’d like to honor the day with a less serious commitment, consider lighting off fireworks in the night.
Fireworks for Leap Day evening should be something out of the ordinary, especially considering you won’t be celebrating this event for another 1461 days. Below are some of our favorite fireworks that are off-the-hook, out-of-this-world and totally worth leaping for!
1.21 Gigawatt: Kick it up a notch with this awesome firework fountain, an amped-up pyro fix for Leap Night revelers. You’ll witness 90 seconds of effects that includes a shower of orange, silver, yellow, blue are red sparks.
Color Meltdown: A razzle display of wild colors are packed into a 500-gram cake, that’s the biggest show of pyro power allowed by law in a single firework. Watch in delight as a vivid and varied array of effects shoots hundreds of feet into the sky and slowly dissolve into the midnight horizon.
Gatlin Pack Roman Candle: A must-have pick if you enjoy Roman candles, this sizzling set features eight pieces, 2 each of 4 different effects/colors. Each 18-inch long candle shoots out 5 shots and gives the user a maximum impact experience. For safety, a launch tube is included for setting these fun fireworks off, you’re not technically supposed to hold them in your hands.
Desert Racers: These speedy novelty fireworks give the kids something to do on Leap Night. Inspired by racecars, engines ‘rev’ with a stream of sparks that shoot out the back.  A snappy whistle sound seems like hot wheels racing to the finish line. Once the racers have come to a stop, instruct the children to let them cool off before handling.