lantern festivall
Have you ever seen video or photos of the Lantern Festival in China? The annual event that takes place on the 15th day of the 1st month of the new Lunar Calendar is a breathtakingly beautiful event. Dating back thousands of years ago to the Han dynasty, the Lantern Festival first started when the Emperor at the time ordered elaborate ceremonies to worship the gods and unify the people. The bright lanterns (red were used at the time) were released to trick evil spirits into thinking the town was on fire, and thereby escaping their wrath – ah, another year without mayhem and bad fortune! As a side benefit, the lanterns were beautiful to watch float through the night sky.
In anticipation of each year’s festival, which takes place in villages and cities all over China, specific lantern parks are built that attract thousands of visitors each. Today’s lanterns are often made in plastic with wire frames, but in ancient times were typically crafted from bamboo covered with colored silk or paper. The lanterns can be ornate or quite simple depending on the style.
You can create your own lantern festival honoring whatever you like with sky lanterns from As you light our sky lanterns, they don’t explode like fireworks. Instead, they gracefully lift off into the air powered by the heat of the flame (similar to the way a large hot air balloon works). As sky lanterns float through the air, they create an ethereal almost magical effect that is ideal addition to weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions.