The folks over in England have this little tradition every November 5th called “Bonfire Night.” The fiery fiesta is an annual commemoration of the government stopping a secret ‘gunpowder plot’ headed by Guy Fawkes to blow up King James I and his parliament. While different events that include bonfires and fireworks are held all over Britain, event held by the Edenbridge Bonfire Society caught our attention.
Each year, the society picks the likeness of a celebrity “villain” (in lieu of Fawkes) to burn.  This year, a giant-sized effigy of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong was lit and burned to the ground in front of cheering spectators. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that the seven time Tour de France winter was recently stripped of his titles due to doping allegations. The steel-framed model of Armstrong held a sign that said “For Sale: Racing Bike – no longer required.” After being stuffed with oil-soaked newspaper, the effigy was set on fire and other fireworks were also enjoyed throughout the night.
Other public figures who have had been roasted and torched at Edenbridge’s past celebrations include Cherie Blair (wife of the former Prime Minister of the UK), Katie Price (English tabloid celebrity), Gordon Brown (British Labor Party politician) and Russell Brand (outspoken comedian).