Sometimes a firework photos all look alike to me. At other times, they are amazingly unique and worth a special post.  In the case of this photo of a firework show near Wellington, New Zealand, a picture is worth a thousand words – and watts! Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, nestled between rolling hills and a stunning harbor, a perfect backdrop of nature for a dazzling pyrotechnic display.  During the 18th century, New Zealand was part of the British Empire, and thus explains the country’s interest in Guy Fawkes Day. The fireworks in this photo were set off over the harbor in honor of the November observance of Guy Fawke’s Night (also called Bonfire Night or Cracker Night), an annual public day of thanksgiving for the failure of the ‘Gun Powder Plot,’ a treasonous plot to blow up the British House of Parliament in the 1600s.  In modern times, the holiday has become an excuse for revelers to take to the streets and skies with fiery revelry.  You’ll see everything from Roman candles and large mortar shells being shot off in the spirit of merrymaking – AllSpark Fireworks always has everything you need for a do-it-yourself firework show. If you’re ever lucky enough to get to Kiwi land, you definitely need to check out the fireworks displayed in this majestic chunk of paradise.