Creating a loud ruckus with fireworks may not be for everyone. The “report,” or noise, that firework makes can scare young children, elderly family members, household pets, wild animals and often bother the neighbors (all the more reason to invite the neighbors to your firework shindig). If you have circumstances that require you to “keep the noise down,” there are plenty of fireworks that can let you keep calm and carry on.
Low-noise or quite fireworks make a great alternative to traditional novelty fireworks that can be like the clapping of thunder in the sky.  Even the screeching and whistling that some fireworks make can be bothersome to folks who are sensitive to noise. These types of fireworks rely more on visual effects including colors, glittering and strobing.
Please not that low-noise fireworks are not “no noise” fireworks. There is a varying level of noise that comes from these pyrotechnic elements, from a small pop upon lighting to light crackling upon the descent, or some with just a reduced report. Also, many of the found on the market are quiet or low-noise.
Lower-noise fireworks are perfect for many situations were loud sounds cannot be tolerated due to noise restrictions. For example, may wedding venues or corporate events working within local zoning laws often need fireworks that are not too loud.  Quieter fireworks also make it easier to coordinate sequences of fireworks a musical score.
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