firework journal
Before the summer fades into a distant memory, sit down and take some time to jot down your favorite fireworks of the season. Keeping notes on which specific fireworks were amazing and which were duds in your eyes will make it much easier to plan your firework event the next year. You don’t have to be as fastidious of firework documenter as I am, but I’ll tell you what I do to record all my pyrotechnics for posterity. Hopefully you’ll be inspired.
1)      Take pictures of the firework container or remove the wrapper before it is shot off. Tape this visual on a page in a spiral notebook with the name of the firework element written as a header on the top of the page. Repeat the process for each firework.
2)       Designate a family member of friend to be the official firework photographer at your event. While you are busy firing off the display, the magic will be captured on film for your reference later.
3)      Print off your firework photos and glue down to the corresponding notebook page. Make any notes you have about the item. For example, “these Roman candles were a hands-on hit with the family, each shot off 10 showy stars” or “this 500 gram cake was well work the expense, it kept projecting shots one after another for nearly three minutes.” Ask your friends and family what they thought of each pyrotechnic element and make notes on their winners and losers as well.
4)      The next time you have a firework event to plan (maybe New Year’s Eve fireworks), take your notebook filled with photos and comments to help you remember what elements you liked best. You can use the notes to help you purchase the same exact items or to uses as a way to analyze what didn’t work for you and should be omitted from the lineup.