It may sound crazy to have July 4th fireworks in September, but that is just what’s happening in Decatur, Georgia.  This all kind of reminds me of a flashback to childhood, celebrating my brother’s too-close-to-Christmas birthday in the middle of the summer. Strange to have something jumbled up on the calendar, but unexpectedly fun!
 It’s not that the residents of this easy-going Southern town are all mixed up; it’s just that the originally scheduled fireworks show for July 4th was rained out. Instead of big, huge aerial bursts overhead, the audience was treated to precipitation and lightening strikes. Bummer!
It’s never fun to have a firework show called off for rain, but professional pyrotechnicians always put a priority on safety. Thanks to waterproof fuse, a light sprinkle isn’t necessarily the end of a pyrotechnic display. However, heavier rains, the threat of lightening to the audience and wind that can blow embers around are all definite reasons to call off a planned show.
 The good news is that a rain date was set for the big July 4th show, so now Decaturians (is that what they’re called?) can see all the colorful fireworks on September 24th – better late than never! So, if you’re in the Decatur, Georgia area, swing on by the Concert on the Square that night to see the fireworks shoot off between approximately 9:15 to 9:30.