old japanese firework poster
Japanese art in the 17th – 19th centuries featured a distinctive aesthetic that is still copied on many woodblock prints and ukiyo-e inspired posters today. Artists associated with this genre were known to recreate the beauty of flora and fauna, Japanese life, landscapes and other popular themes with a focus on geometric shapes and angles – this lovely vintage firework poster is a good example. The retro style still holds a strong influence over the “idea” of Japanese art and will be linked forever to the culture.
Even without the “reality” of a photograph, this old firework post sets the mood for enjoying family, friends and fireworks in a beautiful venue. At AllSparkFireworks.com, we have a large selection of fireworks that can enliven the night skies this summer. From aerial fireworks that burst overhead into blooming flowers to fountains of light that spark up from the ground, you can find all your favorites and discover new fireworks to make memories that will last a lifetime – just like art!