With so many firework photos posted on Instagram this time of year, I decided to do another post with the little gems I stumbled across. This time, I typed “boom” into the search bar thinking I’d get plenty of photos hashtagged with this descriptive adjective. Well, it was a descriptive word alright, but I got way more than the fireworks I bargained for. Below are a few of my favorite photo finds. And, people, please – we need more shots of y’all having fun with fireworks. Just because the 4th of July has come and gone, doesn’t mean the seasons over. AllSparkFireworks.com sells all types of fireworks YEAR ROUND and will ship them straight to your door! Boom!
Looks like retabenve has the right idea for watching fireworks in Italy. Apparently the word “boom” needs no translation! #hofatto #BOOM #london #cicciolondinese#occhiali #giganteschi #spettacolari #peggioganzi
fireworks boom 1
We agree with @hayliecook; her beautiful photo of a bright yellow chrysanthemum looks strikingly similar to those big sky-high fireworks that burst overhead. #yellow #chrysanthemum #spidermum #flower#pretty #bright #love #boom #colorpop #bold
fireworks boom 2
The search term “boom” yielded plenty (actually more than I bargained for) shots of folks flexing their abs and biceps. Boom! Here’s an androgynous flexer whose expression made me laugh out loud! PS. Not posting the name because it wasn’t (ahem) family friendly.
fireworks  boom 3
I’d like to ask mervebogatekin if her photo is of a firework edited with some sort of cool fliter. It really is cool. Boom! #boom #pink #green #orange #blue #black