If you have leftover fireworks from an event or just decided to stock up for an upcoming holiday that’s still a month or more away, you may be wondering how to safely store these precious pyrotechnic commodities. If you want to keep your fireworks in mint condition and avoid damage to person or property, follow these helpful tips on storing unused fireworks.
metal trunk fireworks
Choose Proper Location – The area you store fireworks should be cool, low-humidity and free of any possibility of flooding or dripping water. Water and moist conditions will damage your fireworks and create a safety hazard if you unwittingly try to light them. If you find fireworks that are dry, but show signs of water damage (such as bleeding dye or a rumpled texture) discard of them immediately. Also of utmost importance is to choose a location that is not near a source of possible ignition. Do not store near exposed wires, water heaters, gas heaters, propane tanks and so on.
Container Considerations – Do not use a cardboard box as your firework storage container. Not only does it add fuel to a fire if such a disaster should happen, cardboard is also not impermeable to water. Ideally choose a metal storage container to pack up fireworks, taking care not to overpack the box and crush (thus ruin) fireworks in the lower layers. If a metal trunk or container isn’t available, a plastic storage container with lid is the second-best choice.
Secure Storage Area – Keep fireworks in a room, closet or drawer that can be secured with a lock, if needed. Curious children are drawn to fireworks like ants to a picnic, so it’s best not to have any temptations they can get into while you are away. Also, as another security / safety measure, keep a fire extinguisher near the storage area.
With these simple precautions, fireworks can be saved for use on a later date such as the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. Regardless of the occasion, All Spark Fireworks has everything you need, from firecrackers to aerial fireworks for your next big event.