If you are travelling around the globe and need to get a firework fix, the language barrier could stand in the way of you and a really awesome experience. Keep your eyes on the pyrotechnic prize by learning how to say “firework’ in every imaginable language, you never know where you’ll be when who want to see a firework show or buy some fireworks of your own to set off. Here’s a list to get you started on your around-the-world firework search.  You might want to print it off, fold it up and stick it into your luggage now!
 Albanian: fishekzjarr
Croation: vatromet
Danish: fyrvaerkeri
Dutch: vuurwerk
English: fireworks
Estonian: ilutulestik
Filipino: mga paputok
Finish: ilotulitus
French: feu d’artifice
German: Feuerwerk
Indonesian:kembang api
Irish: tinte ealaine
Italian: fuochi d’artificio
Norwegian: fyrverkeri
Polish: fajerwerki
Portuguese: fogos de artificio
Romanian: focuri de artificii
Spanish: fuegos artificiales
Swahili: fireworks
Swedish: fyrverkerier
Vietnamese: phao hoa