The sky over the landmark Herrenhausen Gardens in Germany will be transformed into a canvas for the world’s most accomplished firework artists at the 22nd International Fireworks Competition. On five evenings between May and September, premier pyrotechnians and their teams that hail from Mexico, China, Portugal, England and Croatia will demonstrate their sensational firework skills as they bring splashes of shimmering light to the night. Audiences will get to treat not just their eyes but also their ears; the firework display is perfectly choreographed to a variety of inspiring music.
Teams will compete against each other with a compulsory piece of fireworks along with a “free” performance where each country can show off their strengths in the artistry of pyrotechnics. Additionally, between teams, the event features live music, variety-show acts and “walking acts” that mingle through the spectators. The show opened on May 12th with a bang, a firework show by last year’s winners, ‘Pirotécnia Reyes’ from Mexico. In the past year, the International Fireworks Competition has drawn more than 49,000 spectators to the charming Baroque gardens of the German town, Hanover. For more information on the schedule, ticketing and so forth, check out the official web site a .