If you are in the Arizona area, the weather is always perfect for a firework show. February is the perfect time to warm up winter with the Annual Lake Havasu City Winter Blast which takes place this year from February 16th through the 19th. This premier event is not just your typical firework display; it is actually home to the Western Pyrotechnics Convention and Fireworks Show. This pyrotechnic non-profit group gathers to share a true passion for the hobby and profession of fireworks industry. A sweet side benefit of the convention is that those living or visiting the Havasu, Arizona area get to see the fiery fruits of their labor.
Havasu looks forward to the annual firework event and many residents with a straight shot view to the venue (Sara Park) enjoy throwing backyard parties where they all sit back and enjoy the show.  There is also official seating inside Sara Park for the shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Registered attendees of the Western Pyrotechnic Convention have plenty of opportunities to build shells, buy shells, meet other enthusiasts and, most importantly, shoot off their fireworks for everyone to enjoy. Also, another thing not to be missed whether you are a spectator or a pyrotechnician is the building of large 24-inch firework shells that will be shot off over the weekend. If you can’t get there this year, put it on your bucket list for the future!