If you’ve recently found out that adults are too old to go trick-or-treating (unless with their kiddos), you may be looking for something fun to do on Halloween. October 31st is the perfect night to gather up your buddies to set off some fireworks, keeping safety first – of course!  You can get the party started with tried and true treats such as Roman candles, firecrackers and sparklers. Order soon to ensure that you have your sweet loot delivered in time for the “spooktacular” pyrotechnic show.
Now we have all heard of guys that want to put fireworks into a pumpkin and blow it up into smithereens. But we have a much saner, safer and less sloppy way to conquer this annual antic. Instead of exploding a pumpkin (which is a complete goner once detonated), try adding sparklers or a small fountain to your pumpkin and giving it a fiery head of “hair.”  AllSpark Fireworks has a suggestion, our Morning Glory sparklers measure in at a generous 36” which means that they sparkle a good long time – much, much longer than the standard 10” sparkler. If you’d rather try a fountain, check out the Cuckoo Fountain for a 100 gram stream of sparkles and sound or Rainbow Fire for a 2-minute display of fiery colors and whistle effects.