Just like humans are drawn to the pyrotechnic power of fireworks so are aliens and little green men, or so proves the video above. Visitors from outer space who have traveled millions of light years to investigate other life forms and their social and recreational activities are sure to be intrigued by fireworks. Maybe it’s the awesome fireworks that we shoot off on Earth that have actually encouraged them to drop in!
One expert on alien behavior explains, “From the darkest of dark spots in space, alien beings use their superior ocular powers or high-powered telescopes to focus in on the Earth’s human activity. While most days, we humans march around like ants tending to our daily obligations, occasionally we break though the monotony with fireworks shows in celebration of holidays, sporting events and other special events. When an UFO filled with curious, inquisitive life forms sees these bright, sparkling flashes of light, they are naturally intrigued and may hover about or land their crafts in order to investigate.”
While you may be questioning the veracity of these alleged expert statements, it’s up to you to believe. When you check out this video, you’ll see a blue unidentified flying object zoom about and then make a getaway into the night sky once it realizes it’s been captured on film. So what do you think, do aliens really like our fireworks? Why don’t you put on a show in your backyard and see what happens!