Put an exclamation point to the end of your firework show with pyrotechnic items that really REALLY make a statement of sight and sound.  The audience won’t soon forget the magnificent display of finale fireworks that shoot off in magnificent multiples, a rapid succession of fire lighting up the sky with mega watts of color. Check out these favorite finale fireworks from AllSparkFireworks.com:
 Absolute Pyro 156: Let your inner pyro loose in a big, big way with this seemingly never-ending display of sky bound fireworks. Shooting up and exploding with a spectacle of sparks in the sky, this max load 500 gram cake releases a stunning 156 shots made with gold willow with tail and gold willow breaks. Live large and party hard with this impressive firework perfectly suited for a grand finale.
 Fanaticon: Fanaticon makes an indefatigable addition to your next sizzling firework celebration. This powerful 3-inch 500 gram cake launches awesome willows effects high into the night sky. The first few shots of this stunner give way to a fiery festival-like finale that features huge willows transforming through colorful stars. The action is non-stop and sure to bring on lots of cheers.
 XXXL: There’s big, then bigger – and then there’s the XXL firework, a humongous haul of pyrotechnic pleasure just waiting to be lit. Super-sized and ready to sizzle, this 500 gram cake is a real big ‘un, packed to the brim with pyrotechnic effects just waiting to start a party in the sky. Loads of awesome effects for your next grand finale, it will be hard to wait and save this one to the end.
 Magnum Tremors:   Packed to the limit with 500 grams of pyrotechnic effects, this cake-style firework is worthy of the last stop in the lighting queue at your next firework display. What you get is an impressive barrage of special effects launched high over the horizon that break out into utterly unreal visuals in a range of colors and effects.  If this bad boy doesn’t shake up a firework display and make an awesome grand finale, we don’t know what will!