If you didn’t already know it, February is National Grapefruit month. Grapefruit seems to polarize people; some folks love the big ole bitter-sweet citrus fruit while others can’t stand the stuff. Whatever side of the citrus tree you fall on; we have found a great use for grapefruit aside from a staple on the breakfast menu. The great grapefruit idea, one that is sure to juice up every pyrotechnic enthusiast, is to stick a firework into the fruit and watch it explode.
We haven’t personally tried the sticky stunt, but check out this home video that gives it a go. First, a firecracker is inserted into the center of the grapefruit by coring out a hole in the top and dropping it in so the place where the wick meets the peel is about level. These guys used a firecracker called a Big Piraka, but you could use any jacked up firecracker that you like such as the Half Stick Smoking Cracker from Black Cat. Next, the loaded grapefruit is set in a safe spot, here a barbeque grill. After lighting the fuse, the citrus killer jumps back to a safe spot while the entire thing explodes sending peel, pulp and juice in every direction.
Worried about finding a good grapefruit to annihilate? Don’t fret; grapefruit is prolific in the US where more than 1 ½ million tons of the stuff is harvest annually. Hint, hint, you can find your firecrackers at All Spark Fireworks.