At All Sparks Fireworks, we are proud to be a reseller of Black Cat Fireworks. Even if you’ve never set off anything as much as a simple firecracker, you’ve probably heard of this reputable manufacturer of pyrotechnic products. This is because the biz, owned by parent company Li & Fund Company of China, is hard to beat in product selection and quality. Plus, they’ve been indefatigably exporting their products to the US since the 1940s.
While many fireworks made by other companies are still made dangerously in hand in sweat-shop like conditions, Black Cat has state-of-the-art firework making facilities in Liuyang, an area of China long-known for it’s history with fireworks. In the olden days, Black Cat primarily made just firecrackers, a product they are still famous for, but today the company has an extensive product line of more than 500 different items. You can plan numerous shows using different Black Cat products each time and never get bored!
So what are our favorite Black Cat products here at All Sparks Fireworks? It’s hard to go wrong with the traditional firecrackers wrapped in red paper and bearing the iconic Black Cat logo. These firecrackers have a nice loud pop and a very, very low dud rate – we think you’ll be quite satisfied. Glittering Thunder is a good 200 gram cake that rains down with 10 shots of glitter, green tails and silver wave bursts.  If you really want to show off, the King of the Block assortment gives you everything you need to rule over your dominion, maximum load artillery shells, 500 gram cakes, and much, much more. There are so many more really cool Black Cat fireworks, visit Black Cat at All Spark Fireworks and pick your own favorites.