Face it, all of us are going to die sometime, why not say goodbye to the physical constraints of this earthy existence with a spectacular firework send off. If you’re thinking, ‘is this what I think it is,” then you are correct! You can now plan a funky funeral that lets you incorporate the cremation ashes of a partner, family member or other loved one  — or even yourself, I’ve you’ve written this into a will – into a modified firework design.
A favorite item is the self-firing firework rocket that contains a loved one’s ashes, this item can be launched to scatter ashes in areas that may not be feasible or safe for members of the funeral party to access – such as a mountain top or shoreline.  Cremation fireworks can be used alone like the rocket, or incorporated with other support fireworks and synchronized music to create a larger show for a celebration of life.  For the right personality, this is the perfect way to honor a life lived with lots of sparkle and flair.
For $4,000, one company that specialized in cremation fireworks will take the ashes in question and create 200 custom fireworks along with all the licenses and fees required to send off the deceased in a blaze of glory. This is an interesting way to deal with the remains of Aunt Sarah or even a beloved pet, a big departure from sitting in an urn on a fireplace mantle indefinitely.  What do you think of this funky funeral idea, is it something you’d consider for yourself or a loved one?