Have you ever heard the idiom, “to live in a fishbowl”?  No, it doesn’t mean your literally residing in a huge, super-sized glass container. But it does mean that you are living in a place where everyone knows your personal business. No doubt, this expression is based in the clear glass of a fishbowl that makes it easy to peer in from every direction – sides, top, and even the bottom! So, to live in a fishbowl means that whatever you do, your actions are on public display.
Well, if you want to be on public display, you might as well make it worth your while! Be an exhibitionist, be a show-off, be a party that never stops! Our Fishbowl firework is an aptly-named pyrotechnic item that will draw people in to gawk. Once lit, all eyes will stay glued on the shimmering, glimmering effects that spew from the ground into the air like the iridescent scales on exotic fish. Not only is this popular pyrotechnic item new for 2013, it’s one of the staff picks at