warm greeting
Part of the fun of picking out fireworks is getting a good laugh out of some of the product names. Because most fireworks are made in China, there often seems to be a language barrier with naming fireworks,  just a funny way of saying things! Either that or whoever names the fireworks at the factory has a warped sense of humor. For example, after seeing the babies on the firework box above, I’m not quite sure that I would like any sort of “warm greeting” being offered.   Some of these fireworks we actually have in stock at AllSparkFireworks.com , other ones are just fireworks that have made us chuckle at some time or another!
Warm Greeting
Golden Shower
Forceful Movement
Neighbor Hater
Loud & Nasy
One Bad Mother
Big Fat Hissee Fit
Gold Digging Blonde
Red Neck Ruckus
Bangin’ Hard