Today is the last day of October, what are you going to do to celebrate after Halloween has come and gone? Well, November is full of reasons to give thanks and party down with fireworks, here are just a few of our favorite reasons for breaking out the sparklers, firecrackers, fountains and other fun goodies from AllSpark Fireworks
Housewife’s Day (11/3): She cooks, she cleans, she puts up with a bunch of family nonsense. Make her night with a sparkling bouquet of flowers that light up the night sky. The memories will last much longer than a bunch of grocery store roses.
Guy Fawkes Day (11/5): This is a no-brainer firework celebration, especially if you live in the UK. The Brits love to get together to make bonfires and shoot off fireworks in honor this day which I have yet to figure out exactly what it honors — Fawkes and his attempt to eliminate religious persecution or the government for discovering the plot and saving innocent lives in the process. The other name for this holiday is Gunpowder Day, that says it all!
Dunce Day (11/): Celebrate this day of the dim, dense and obtuse by shooting off fireworks from hither to yon. Now, at AllSpark Fireworks, we expect you to be the smart guy and follow all the safety rules printed on the manufacturer’s label and our site – you don’t want to be the dunce that gets his eyebrows burned off or worse!
Stay Home Because You Are Well Day (11/30): Skip work and play hooky from school, this is the semi-official day to shirk your responsibilities and do whatever you darn well please at home – and to us, that means shooting off fireworks. Better start practicing your scratchy, sniffely voice for the much dreaded call-in.