taking photo of firework
Do you like to take photos of fireworks? If so, May is your month. The entire month of May is National Photography Month, an officially recognized celebration that was introduced by then President Regan in 1987 as a way to honor American photographers and their work.  Personally we love taking pictures of everything, especially fireworks, and want to encourage you to give it try if you haven’t. Here are some fun ways you can start taking photos of your pyrotechnic pursuits:
1)     SmartPhone Selfies : If you are out and about by yourself and see interesting fireworks in the sky or even on the a store shelf snap a selfie with it and tweet us the pictures @buyfirework – we’ll tell you what type it is and if you can get your own on AllSparkFireworks.com.
2)     Firework Photo Gifts: Take a photo of your favorite firework moment and have it printed on a T-shirt or coffee mug. Did you have fireworks at your wedding, feel moved by patriotism at a 4th of July display or even remember a child’s birthday cake that was lit up with sparklers.  You could give these goodies as a gift or keep for yourself to remind you of the special times in your life that have included fireworks.
3)     Photography for Instagram: If you enjoy the social media platform, Instagram, it’s a great place to share firework photos. You can go about this a couple ways – first, snap photos of fireworks on your smartphone and upload to Instagram on the spot for instant gratification. Or, use your nice camera to capture artistic shots of fireworks and edit to your heart’s content on your computer before uploading to a cloud storage service like Dropbox.com. And then, from your phone, you can access cloud storage to upload to Instagram. This is the best way to get high-quality firework photography on Instagram.