Ahhh, spring is in the air, the birds are chirping from their verdant perches and the flowers are popping up from the ground in a palette of pretty colors. What does all this mean?  Well, folks, it’s time to stop and smell the roses . . . literally and figuratively! After you enjoy all the flora and fauna brought to you by dear Mother Nature, it’s time to kick up the season with some pyrotechnic pleasures from AllSpark Fireworks.  Here are some of our favorite picks that have ‘something’ to do with birds, flowers and such:
Opening Flower Happy Bird All of creation will rejoice at the sight of our Opening Flower Happy Bird firework. This nostalgic favorite is a real crowd pleaser, plus it’s an inexpensive fountain style firework which means you can afford to set off a whole bunch. Each of these pint-sized fountains packs quite a punch of pyrotechnic effects including gold, silver and lots of crackle.
Twitter Glitter XLG: The little birdies in the tree won’t be hanging around long to watch our Twitter Glitter XLG, a wild and whistling firework that can’t be missed. This 200 gram cake shoots a torrent of twinkling effects that include red stars, green stars and creates lots of noise that includes whistling – just like birds taking off in flight.
Wildflower: Blooming with beauty, our Wild Flower firework is anything but garden variety. Grow a naturally fun time with this fountain style firework. Filled with silver chrysanthemum and yellow, green, yellow, blue and silver chrysanthemums along with yellow and silver chrysanthemums, you’ll have a blast watching sparks fly up from the ground and blossom in the sky.
Ground Bloom Flower: Our Ground Bloom Flower definitely blooms where it is planted, bursting into a showy display of pleasing petals for every celebration. This time-honored ground spinner gets excitement growing and faces glowing as it dances about sparking in red, green and yellow changing colors. A beautiful bouquet of buds in so many colors that is sure to get rave reviews at your next gathering.