fill stockings with fireworks
 It’s time to start thinking about what Santa will put in the Christmas stockings. Older kids may be getting bored with the little toys, trinkets and whatnots. Add some excitement to their holiday season with little gifts that make a big bang – fireworks! We’re not talking about massive 500 gram cakes or huge artillery shells, but instead more entry-level fireworks that older kids and pre-teens can handle with the help of a parent. Please, always provide supervision. Oh, and don’t forget to fill up Dad’s stockings with plenty of pyrotechnic surprises, too!
Day Parachute: Hope floats! Our Single Day Parachute is a great way to make a kid’s day – a kid of any age! This single shot propels a tube high up into the sky; then at the apex, a parachute pops out and gently floats the parachute back down to Earth. Parachutes are a top pick in pyrotechnics for daytime use – you actually need some light to enjoy seeing them drift back down. Kids go crazy for these sky items, get a whole bunch to keep the boys busy after the holiday gift opening frenzy!
Dancing Butterfly:  Butterflies are meant to be free and so is the Dancing Butterfly firework. Let loose with a beautiful display of sparkles by setting this spinner firework on the ground to spin around with its striking moves. Make sure to leave plenty of floor space cleared from debris for this pyrotechnic product. This item flutters about the ground in a carefree pattern that will add whimsy all night . . . order extra for New Year’s Eve.
Neon Sparklers:  Neon Sparklers are totally the sizzle! Unique, colorful and extremely entertaining, you’ll light up Christmas Eve with these one-of-a-kind sparklers, the fun just won’t fizzle. These aren’t your old-fashioned sparklers; instead Black Cat Neon Sarklers are 14-inches long and packed with all types of pyrotechnic effects, outrageous effects that you’ve probably never seen in a sparkler before. There are many assortments to choose from, pick a pack or two to electrify your night with neon!
Hens: Cluckity-cluck-click! You’ll add pyrotechnic pluck to any event with our Hens firework. This firework novelty is a cute and clever idea; a cardboard container made to look just like a roosting hen actually lays different colored eggs when lit! The kids will be absolutely amazed and might even raise the roof on the whole coop with this little winner-winner-chicken-dinner! These novelty fireworks are a fun family activity for a lazy holiday afternoon.
Little Treasures Assortment Our Little Treasures is a fun assortment of fireworks that brings a bounty of family fun to your next special occasion. Packed full of loot, this firework assortment brings a safe and sane way to spend the evening with children – not as loud and scary as the many of the traditional, fully-loaded fireworks. Kids will love the fountains and novelty items and parents will be pleased that the show is low-key but not at all lame. Make Christmas and New Year’s Eve a blast.