Let’s face it; celebrating Valentine’s Day can be expensive. First, plan on spending a nice chunk of changing eating out. Your sweetie will expect you to kick it up a notch when it comes to the restaurant; definitely not fast food and probably someplace that has a separate wine menu ($150). If you didn’t make a reservation, expect to slip the maître de or hostess an extra $20 bucks just to get a place on the wait list. Another expense includes flowers for your loved one ($50).  Valentine’s Day bouquets are always jacked up at least 100-percent in February, it’s all about supply and demand . . . and emotion.  Don’t forget candy ($10), perfume ($50) or a silly stuffed animal ($20). If all these Valentine’s Day expenses are freaking you out, you can also celebrate with fireworks for a fraction of the cost. Here are some great ideas to make this night of romance really spark and sizzle:
1)      Long Exposure Photography: Set your camera on a long duration shutter speed to capture fireworks. The result is a blurring image of the light source; it can be used to capture the extended burst of an aerial firework or to capture sparklers light as a word or symbol is draw. The picture above uses long-exposure photography and sparklers swirled around in the air to create a luminous heart.
2)      A Cake that Sparkles:  Indulge your sweetie on Valentine’s Day with a desert that looks as amazing as it tastes. Every sense will be stimulated when you stick long sparklers into a slice of chocolate cake or strawberry cheesecake. Just remember to light the sparklers in a safe place where the sparks won’t damage the floors or tabletops.
3)      Flowers in the Sky: Sure, you can give a girl a posy of pansies or bouquet of roses, but why not make the night bloom in a larger-than-life way by setting off artillery shells that burst into the shapes of chrysanthemums and other vibrant flowers. A gift that is hand-picked by you and enjoyed by everyone around!
4)      Up, Up and Away: If you are single, write a special message of love onto the shade of a sky lantern and release it into the night sky. As this unique novelty firework floats away with fairy-tale charm like a hot air balloon, you never know who will be on the receiving end of your heart’s desire.   Couples can write a special message together (like a dream, goal or verse) and send it off into the sky with happily-ever-after hopes.
5)      Give Her a Pop! Punctuate a toast or create a surprise element for your Valentine with fun party poppers. Just pull the string on these little plastic containers and colorful confetti and streamers pop out with panache! Safe to use indoors, these popular novelty fireworks will make your night an affair to remember!