Today is Smile Power Day, a day to turn up the corners of your mouth and flash a big, toothy grin. If you’ve ever noticed, smiles are contagious – once you start smiling, everyone around you will be beaming from ear to ear in no time! You don’t need an official reason to smile, but we know setting off fireworks usually makes us smile! Stock up on all types of fireworks, from firecracker to aerial shells, and power up your party with smiles!
One firework to get you “’ooohing” and “ahhhing” along with your grin is a Smiley Face shaped firework. These aerial shells actually burst out in the sky with sparkles that create the design of a traditional smiley face doodle. We’ve seen this fun firework for sale on the consumer market as well as larger, more powerful shells used in multiples at professional pyrotechnic designs. Some of these fireworks come in a single color, others have multiple hues within the same effect. One interesting thing about smiley face fireworks is that the face may be right-side-up, upside-down or twisted to the side depending on the way the shell is facing when it explodes open.
So whether shooting off fireworks, sitting in the audience, or just dreaming about fireworks, you won’t have to remember to smile – it will just happen naturally. Don’t forget, smiling adds years to your life, makes you happier, makes others around you happier, and says (without speaking a word) that you’re a fun person to hang out with.