Did you know that today, June 3rd, is Repeat Day? On Repeat Day, you get the chance to do things over and over again. On Repeat Day, you get the chance to do things over and over again. See what I did there?!! This means, if you like chocolate chip cookies, have one, have two, have three. If you’re going out to jog, run a mile, then another and another. I’m not sure when we’re supposed to hit the “pause” or “button” on Repeat Day, let’s just use some common sense!
Firework aficionados can optimize their appreciation of fireworks by shooting them off all night long, Repeat day is a 34-hour celebration. My take on this cyclical celebration is that the “repeat” can be repeating just one single thing, or repeating a series of things. This gives you plenty of options when planning a Repeat Day Firework Show.  Invite your friends and family over for a spectacle of sparkles and shoot off fireworks every minute on the minute – don’t be late
For the festivities, you can choose a single firework that, with just one lite of the fuse, sends out the same effect with the same noise – like a Roman candle that you hold up into the air while it sends out the same shot into the sky in repetition. Sometimes, these shots can be different colors or have slightly different effects, so if you are a stickler rules and feel like this breaches the integrity of the holiday, then look for a single color Roman candle.
Another idea is to use a large firework cake that sends out a pre-choreographed series of same or similar firework elements. At under $3, the 100-shot Magical Barrage is a super affordable repeater packing 200 grams of pyrotechnic action. I’d suggest picking up at least of half-dozen of these winners! While at just under $40, you can get the show-stopping Absolute Pyro 156s, a 500-gram cake that shoots out a seemingly never-ending barrage of 156 shots in sequence. You won’t be disappointed with either of these fun fireworks. There are many, many more repeater style fireworks at Allspark Fireworks to meet your specific needs.
Another way to get a bang (bang, bang, bang) out of Repeat Day is to light off traditional Black Cat red-wrapper firecrackers. Remember these oldies, but goodies, from the glory days? Available in various quantities, from inexpensive packs of 10 or 20 to huge rolls of 3,000 firecrackers.
Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!