Boo! We’re not trying to scare you, but Halloween is all but a month away. Time to start thinking about costumes, candy corn and most importantly – fireworks! Fireworks can add a great element of surprise to your haunted house, Halloween party or other seasonal soiree. Not for the faint of heart, these three spook-tacular choices will light up the night.
Grave Digger:  Go ahead and defy death and live life to the fullest with our Grave Digger firework, a powerful pyrotechnic that pushes you to the brink – and then lets you come back better than ever. So spectacular for the finishing touch at your Halloween party, this maximum load 500 gram cake is packed with 30 shots that shoot off in rapid fire. World Class Fireworks makes this colorful, feature-packed firework that puts the final nail in your pyrotechnic party.
Wake the Dead: Rattle more than bones when you set off our Wake the Dead firework into the midnight sky. All souls will awake at the sight and sound of Black Cat® booms that put a jolt in the sky with the pure pulse of pyrotechnic power. You’ll bear witness over many mysterious effects that power from this 350 gram cake. Thirteen shots of pyro effects aren’t bad luck tonight, on Halloween this kind of superstition is just right.
Skull and Crossbones:  Swashbuckle the skies with full-on pirate power with, our Skull & Crossbones firework puts the “jolly” in Jolly Rodger. A real mighty mate on deck, this max loaded 500 gram cake features five of the top effects in consumer fireworks – stars, crackle, fish, pearls and chrysanthemums. The grand finale effect is a 3-shot burst of red chrysanthemums. Thirty-three shots in all, this long-lasting show-stopper will have your Halloween hootenanny hoppin’ all night long. Brought to you by World Class Fireworks.