Your walk down aisle can be even more spectacular with fireworks; all the celebrities are doing it. From Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Italian wedding to the recent British royal wedding Prince William and his Kate, over-the-top firework shows are just one of the perks of being rich and famous. These displays are like diamonds, rubies and sapphires sparkling up in the skies and goodness knows the celebrities can afford it! But, even if you can’t shell out the money for big-bucks professional aerial displays, you still incorporate firework elements into your wedding ceremony.
One popular way to make a honeymoon getaway is with guests holding up sparklers instead of tossing rice or birdseed. This makes a pretty archway that the bride and groom can walk under and pose for pictures. There are longer-length sparklers that last for more time than the kind we used in the backyard as kids – this will give you more time to get the perfect photograph. Also, give guests several sparklers so they can relight when one burns out.
Another inexpensive firework option for your nuptials is a firework fountain. These firework features sit on the ground and spew up colorful streams of sparks. In the entertainment industry, they’re called ‘gerds’ and you often see them as stage special effects at rock concerts and the like. Why not rock your wedding reception with firework fountains in your chosen wedding colors; it would be a great way to make a grand entrance into the venue.