Looking for a holiday present for the rebel guy or gal who has everything? Can’t think of a single thing that would impress a friend or family member with discerning tastes that lean toward tattoos and malt beverages?  Then we have an idea for you – give ‘em fireworks!  Not your typical Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza gift, but oh-so welcomed once they rip off the wrapping paper to reveal their present of pyro-spelendiferous awesomeness!  Here are some great firework gift ideas for the bad: boys and girls and boys (eg: adults) on your list, just be warned Santa may not be happy:
American Bad Ass: Wake ma and pa right out of their sugar plum slumber with this firework with a name that says it all. Stay up late watching for Santa’s sleigh and then shoot off this awesome firework that will bring out your inner juvenile delinquent – just expect to find a lump of coal in your stocking come morning. Loaded up with a maximum load of 500 grams of pyrotechnic power, this powerhouse creates a welcomed ruckus with lots of color and loud reports.  
Bad Monkey:  Break out of the cage and create monkey madness with this outrageous firework that will have you screeching and screaming in delight. Pound your chest as 25 huge shots of pure chaos rip through the silent night, turning Christmas Eve into a melee of pyrotechnic merriment. Bad Monkey, made by USA Fireworks, was voted as one of the new best multi-shot cakes of 2011.
Slightly Sinful:  For those whose halos are only a little tarnished, Slightly Sinful is a 500 gram cake firework that is just naughty enough to make you smirk in satisfaction. Packed with the max load of pyrotechnic compounds, this wicked wonder fires out crackling comet with red, green and white strobe with blue pearl bouquet – a bedazzlement of badness in the best of ways.