The entire month of August has been named Family Fun Month, sorry to be reporting this a few weeks late. But, who needs an excuse to celebrate with your kids anyway, especially if you have a few fireworks on hand! Summer time is a great time to get outside and have some wholesome fun together and there’s no reason why a few well-chosen fireworks can’t be part of the party! By the way, August is also official Picnic Month, so you might as well bring along a cooler of sandwiches too! Here are a few of our favorite fireworks (not sandwiches!) to share with your family:
Party Poppers: These little guys are sure to make everyone in the family shout ‘whoo-hoo!’ When you pull the string on these firework novelties, the canister pops opens to shoot out strips of colorful confetti which unfurls about. Suitable for most in the family and fairly harmless, kids should still have supervision when using these cause there is a bit of black powder which pops them open.
Sparklers: These are traditional favorites with the family at the Fourth of July, backyard cookouts and other outdoor festivities. Available in quite a few colors such as red, green and blue but silver and gold still seem to be to most popular. Sparklers come made with either metal rods or bamboo sticks in the center. Metal sticks can get very hot and cause burns while bamboo rods are a bit safer but the ashes can drop off in chunks, so you need to provide supervision with both.
Fountains: A great showstopper for the family, many fountains are considered ‘Safe & Sane’ fireworks because they do not explode or travel. Instead, beautiful streams of sparks are shot upward from the firework and often incorporate noise effects. One our favorites and a top-seller at All Spark Fireworks is the Cuckoo fountain – we bet you go cuckoo for it too!