Are you one of the rare employees that has an awesome boss? Well, today is Bosses Day and the perfect time to show your superior just how superior he or she is. Sure you could send a card or arrange for a giant cookie to be sent to the office, but we have a much better idea, a real bang up! Gather up your cohorts in the office and plan a big firework display to surprise your boss. Once the work day is starting to wind down, suggest to your boss that everyone gets together for a happy our in his honor. After a few snacks and drinks, tell the boss man that he’s needed back at the office for a signature on an important letter that got overlooked earlier in the day. When you pull up into the parking lot, let him know there has been a change of plans and the staff has planned a pyrotechnic party instead! Pull up a specially decorated lawn chair for the guest of honor and let the festivities begin – artillery shells, Roman Candles, firecrackers, fountains and more!