When I saw the name ‘Las Fallas’ for a firework show, I though that this must be a very seasonally timed firework display for the autumn months ahead. However, I was wrong! Las Fallas (aka: Fallas de Valencia) is actually a festival held every year from March 15 – 19th in Valencia City, Spain.  This name of this internationally-renowned event actually translates as “the fires’ in the city’s co-language of Valencian.   
The city erupts into fun with various activities including large wooden and paper-mache figures, known as ‘fallas,’ that typically make a satirical statement on the politicians and celebrities of the day. Historians say that the festival dates back to the late 16th century when local carpenters burnt left over wood that had piled up over the year.  This is why it makes sense that the festival honors the patron saint of carpenters, San José,
Of course, no festival (especially one that honors ‘fire’) is complete with out a fireworks show at night. The festival begins with music and a pyrotechnic show along with an official ceremony opening by the Fallas queen. Each and every day of the festival at 2pm, everything stops in the city and the loud sound of gunpowder fills the air – this is called the ‘Mascleta.’ Everyone agrees this explosive display of coordinated firecracker and firework barrages is not to be missed – and how could you miss it, it’s so loud! The final Mascleta is, of course, a total blow out and pyrotechnicians compete for the honor of putting on this display at Las Fallas. If you are ever in Spain in the spring (not the fall!) don’t miss this awesome cultural and fireworks-loaded event.