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I was shopping at Walmart the other day and gave into the kids, agreeing to head down the toy aisle for a few minutes. After being bombarded with “can I get this, can I get this? requests for every Lego set  and Nerf guns my offspring saw, I had to give them parental lecture that “we aren’t made out of money” and  “impulse purchases are never as great as they seem at the time.”  Then, as this party pooper led my pouty-faced posse straight out of the toy department to ward off impending meltdowns, it happened – I saw the toy I had been dreaming of, a toy I just HAD to have, and NOW!
Sitting there on the shelf was the “In My Room Fireworks Light Show,” promising all the excitement of the Fourth of July, right in the cozy comfort of my indoor retreat! Just beckoning to be bought with enticing photography of a gun-like firework shooter and colorful bursts, the expression on the child model’s face said without a single word that this was the most awesome toy ever in the history of toys.  According to the box, “The pump firework launcher shoots amazing displays of real-looking fireworks right onto walls and ceilings, as booming sound effects make it all seem incredibly real. Turn off the lights, sit back, and let the show begin.” Can I buy it, can I buy it? Pretty please, I’ll never ask for anything again?!  (Well, except for real fireworks from, but I can buy those online when the kids are fast asleep, they’ll never be the wiser.)