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Are you worried about finding a prime seat for this year’s Fourth of July firework celebration? Don’t worry; those in the know say that there is no reason to rush out to score a prime spot. According to James Souza, whose company produces the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks show in New York City, the most optimal seat for taking in the spectacle is around 1,000 feet away. While this might sound like you’re out in the boonies, it’s actually a prime location that allows you to view the fireworks from a panoramic vantage point. Plus, since you are not sitting right up under the fireworks, you don’t have to crane and strain your neck about by looking upward.
Medical experts also suggest sitting a good distance away from the main hub of launching activity. Doctors say that sitting closer than 500 feet could cause acoustic damage from the crackling and booming of the fireworks. Also, there is a risk of having small pieces of falling debris land in your eyes. However, you don’t need to take your yardstick to a professionally run show. For mandated safety purposes, spectators are almost always required to sit back at least 500 feet or further from the center stage. Have a great Fourth of July and if you’d like to stock up on your own fireworks and pyrotechnic supplies for the remainder of the summer, visit