Cai Guo-qiang working on another piece of firework gun powder art,

The creative artist behind the fireworks display at the 2008 Beijing Olympics has recently put together another masterpiece that has ignited attention. Cai Guo-Qiang, best known for his “Firework Footprints” displayed at the last Summer Olympics, a show that left a “footprint” for each of the Olympics in history has now created a piece of pyrotechnic performance art that captured with gunpowder a popular tourist spot in the Central Zhejang province of China called West Lake.
This artist used gunpowder to create a scenic rendition of the landscape onto a 21,528 square foot silk cloth.  The process of creating the gunpowder on paper “painting” of West Lake took over four days, however, once lit; the explosion of gunpowder just took seconds to ignite, ripping across the long silk paper to leave behind a pencil like drawing. Assistants carefully folded up massive paper so that it could be displayed for the public. Now through June 3rd, you can see the final product at the Zhejiang Art Museum in Hangzhou, China.  Try our novelty products at AllSpark Fireworks and create your own (albeit much smaller) exploding firework art!