On the heels of summer, all the big consumer food companies and smaller niche brands start to roll out firework themed edible products left and right. We can’t blame corporate enthusiasm for such marketing tactics. From Memorial Day through the Fourth of July and all the way to Labor Day and back-to-school, what kid or grown-up doesn’t love the association between good old summertime fun that anything associated with fireworks conjured up?! Any of these treats I mentioned may just skyrocket the success of your next backyard cookout and firework show!
bomb pop
Bomb Pops: My first memory with any type of snack that mimicked fireworks was the Bomb Pop, that missile-shaped frozen treat striped in red, white a blue. We’d lick those pops sitting out by the pool trying to beat the heat in melting them. Really, the sun never stood a chance as we greedily gobbled them up.
pop rocks
Pop Rocks: A little later in my life I was introduced to Pop Rocks, a candy that didn’t particularly resemble fireworks, but ignited an explosion of sugar that sure reminded me of a sparkler. I was always curious how this novelty candy created a firework like explosion on my tongue and found out that Pop Rocks are manufactured with carbon dioxide gas to create tiny high-pressure bubbles that get trapped inside the little sugary clumps. When your saliva melts away the sugar, the little crackling pops go into action!
firework oreoFirework Oreos: This month, Nabisco is rolling out another summer-inspired Oreo flavor – Firework. Past seasonal flavors have included Watermelon and Swedish Fish, but this new Firework variety may be the winner of summer. The exterior remains the two traditional chocolate wafers, but inside the creamy center is filled with rainbow-hued flecks that crackle and pop with each bit So, who does this creamy center work? Just imagine pop rocks stirred into frosting – genius!
Set out a display of these firework food treats at your burger or hot dog buffet and the kids will go crazy – even the big kids! Of course, to keep the firework fun propelled forward at your summer party, you’ll want to have plenty of entry-level fireworks on hand for parents to help their children with such as sparklers, snap pops, and other novelties from All Spark Fireworks.