At AllSpark Fireworks, we believe landmark birthdays are a big deal and therefore exciting events should be planned. By celebrating the milestone with fireworks it some sort of unique way, you can make a long-lasting memory that will be cherished much, much more than a generic greeting card. Check out these fun ideas for using fireworks for special birthdays for your family, friends and colleagues.
10th birthday: At ten years old, a child is probably ready to handle some novelty fireworks with adult supervision. Confetti poppers are fun for all the kids to use; simply pull the string and the top pops off and confetti streamers will fly across the room to the delight of everyone.
16th birthday: Celebrate a “sweet sixteen” with pink sparklers a top the birthday girl’s cake. Just make sure that you are using the sparklers outside, we’ve heard terrible stories about sparklers burning pock marks into wood and linoleum floors. Sixteen year old boys will also like sparklers, just not in pink!
21st birthday: This is an important birthday for young adults. While officially the age of majority at 18 years, most states allow for drinking and all adult privileges at this age.  Turning 21 is like an official welcome into adulthood and nothing makes the night a bigger grown-up blast than by giving the honoree a “21 gun salute.” Try using Roman candles that have a nice, loud report to shoot off into the sky, one shot for each year.
30th birthday and each decade beyond: After a certain number of years, the amount of fireworks could create a safety hazard (half-kidding, half serious)! Instead, create awesome firework photography that the birthday man or woman can frame and keep forever. Set a camera with a long-shutter speed and have the honoree hold two long-lasting sparklers. On the count of three, the sparklers should be waived around to create the appropriate numbers. For example, a three with the right hand and a zero with the left hand. It takes a bit of coordination and you might need to snap a couple photos so have plenty of sparklers on hand!
100th birthday: A century has gone by; celebrate the centenarian with a memorable night. The 100-shot Saturn Missile shoots off one hundred separate shots up into the sky that let go with a whistle on the way up.