If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ve probably seen our attempt to give you all the lingo you might need to purchase and set off consumer fireworks. So, today we have another list of firework words for your perusal and we promise that, after this, there is no more vocabulary until next month! In the meantime, feel free to test out your new expanded knowledge by shopping at All Sparks Fireworks.
Essential Firework Vocabulary: E- F
Electrical ignition – igniting fireworks by electrical means
Explosive – a substance that has the potential to undergo rapid chemical decomposition, producing light, heat, and large volumes of gas.
Fallout – Debris from a used firework that can include bits of cardboard, plastic, wood from rocket sticks, ash, and leftover tubes that fall from the sky after a an aerial firework. Fallout can be harmful to people and property.
Fallout zone – An area which is clear of people, property and dry brush and grass and flammable materials where fallout is expected to fall.
Finale – The end segment of a firework display where the largest, loudest, and most exciting fireworks are set off more than one at a time and in rapid succession.
Fish – An aerial pyrotechnic effect that resembles a swarm of glowing objects dancing in a random pattern. The effect is created using small chunks of fast-burning fuse that actually propel themselves through the air when lit.
Firecracker – a small rolled paper tube powered by flash powder. May be individual, but usually are braided by their fuses into long strings.
Firework – an item that functions by combustion to create visible and audible effects for the purpose of entertainment.
Flare – a cylinder filled with a pyrotechnic composition that burns slowly with a bright, colored flame.
Flash Powder – a powerful explosive mixture consisting of potassium perchlorate and y aluminum to create the loud report for firecrackers and shells.
Flitter – a pyrotechnic effect consisting of bright flashes of light left behind by the tail of a star
Flowerpot – the premature explosion of a shell in the mortar that causes effects to spray the air like a mine
Fountain – a firework that shoots showers of sparks upward. Also known as gerbs.
Fuel – ingredient in pyrotechnic compositions that burns very quickly when introduced to an oxidizing element. Commonly used fuels include sulfur, aluminum, and charcoal
Fuse – a chemical (one sometimes paper) coated string used deliver the fire to a firework.