If you didn’t get your fill of firework lingo a couple days ago, then we’ve got another lesson for you today. Today’s firework glossary is brought to you by the letters C and D and after you learn all the words, will make your firework shopping experience at All Spark Fireworks much clearer.
Essential Firework Vocabulary: C- D
Cake – Not a sweet treat, but a repeating aerial firework packed with multiple shots. Cakes feature one fuse attached to numerous tubes (2 through 100+) which fire in sequential order. This sends a variety effects into the air such as a mix of comets, crossettes, whistles, reports, mines, spinners, and flying fish.
Caliber – refers to the inside diameter of a mortar or the size of a shell
Celebration Roll – Hundreds or thousands of firecrackers fused together and meant to be set off on a pole or hanging in some other means. A traditionally way to use firecrackers during the Chinese New Year.
Cherry Bomb – These salute-style fireworks are packed with explosive flash powder and covered in a red sawdust/glue coating to resemble a cherry. The have been illegal in the US since 1966.
Choke – The narrowed neck of a fountain or rocket tube. Typically made out of clay, the purpose is to increase internal pressure and thrust contents outward.
Chrysanthemum – One of the most popular firework bursts, this dense, spherical display of stars explodes into shape and then fades away
Comet – A large star that spews out a thick tail of bright sparks during the ascent.
Composition – a mix of pyrotechnic chemicals which consists of fuel, an oxidizer, and various other chemicals that combine to produce colors and effects.
Convolute (Parallel) Tube– paper firework tube wound in a parallel fashion. Stronger than spiral wound tubes, but more expensive to produce. 
Cracker – nickname for firecracker
Crackle – clusters of small, sharp reports (noise)
Crossette – a comet that contains an internal burst charge of flash/black powder that causes it to burst into several fragments
Dahlia – a burst pattern that resembles a flower, made with large stars.
Daylight Shell – a shell designed to be fired during the day, which contains effects such as reports, smoke, and whistles
Delay – a pyrotechnic composition that is used for timing between the ignition of firework elements, such as in a roman candle
Dragon Eggs – clusters of crackling sparks in the air
Drivers – thrust-producing fountains used to propel devices such as rats and wheels
Dud – A firework that fails to ignite. Don’t try to relight.