Great balls of fire, there are a lot of fireworks festivals on the planet! Get your firework fix here:
 Celebration of Light: Since 1990, this annual musical fireworks competition has been held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during the summer. Three pyrotechnic companies representing their home country perform a twenty-five minute firework display set to music with a grand finale on the last day where all three competitors perform.
 Fireworks Champions: Held in England, four firework teams head off against each other with 10 minute firework displays timed to music. The audience has an interactive had in choosing the winner as they are able to text in a vote for their favorite team after the shows are over.
 GlobalFest International Fireworks Festival: Held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada each August since 2003, this entertainment showcase also features cultural pavilions and a film festival along with the international fireworks festival. In the past, the event had been a competition among top pyrotechnic firms, but today the amazing displays are strictly for entertainment.
 Ignis Brunensis: This is an international fireworks competition is held every year at the beginning of the summer in the Czech Republic.
 Macau International Fireworks Festival: This is a 5 week festival beginning in September of each year and culminating with a grand finale night on October 1st. The competition features 10 pyrotechnic companies from around the world.
 Montreal Fireworks Festival: Officially called L’International des Feux Loto-Québec, this event is held during June through August. Over the summer, competing pyrotechnical companies from different countries present a 30-minute long pyromusical show, vying to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze Jupiter trophies.
 National Pyrotechnic Fair of Tultepec, Mexico: This firework friendly region of Mexico (they make 80% of the country’s fireworks) celebrates with a week-long festival that features a “Castillos de Torre” or “Tower Fireworks Competition”. Other not to be missed traditions at the fair are honoring the patron saint of the city (and fireworks) Saint Juan de la Dios and the much-anticipated “Burning of the Bulls.”
 Pyrotechnics Guild International: Usually in August, this convention of pyrotechnic professionals hosts competitions for both displays and individual fireworks ranging from simple fireworks to elaborate aerial shells.
 Tarragona International Fireworks Display: Held in Catalonia, Spain, this fireworks contest usually occurs in July.
 The World Firework Championship: One of the largest fireworks competitions in the world, the venue varies depending on the year. Six international teams battle it out for top honors with 25-minute pyromusical displays.
 World Pro Olympics: This major annual competition brings together the top fireworks companies to compete in Manila, Philippines. This five-day affair showcases teams from two countries every day who each hope to win the coveted World Pro title. On the last evening, the host puts on a strictly entertainment pyrotechnic show for spectators.