Halloween is next month, it always sneaks up so fast! But, there is still plenty of time to incorporate fireworks into your October 31st .  Sure, the obvious choice it to shoot off some awesome Roman candles or artillery shells up into the air. And, we’re not trying to dissuade you, please do shoot off fireworks!  But there are other ways to celebrate with ‘fireworks.’ We found a clever idea to dress up as a firecracker, great for those outgoing personalities! Here’s how to do it:
First, you’ll need 2 sheets of red poster board, 1 yard of red felt, ½ yard white felt and scraps of white, blue and yellow felt for stripes and stars. Sparkly gold or silver pipe cleaners can be used for the fuse and foam felt to great the word ‘BOOM!’ Perfect for the non-sewers, all you need to assemble this firework costume is a hot glue gun.
Glue approximately 1 1/2 sheets of poster board into a cylinder and create shoulder straps from the red felt. Use the white and blue felt to make a band around the chest and decorate with yellow felt stars. Underneath use the felt foam cut out and glue on the word ‘BOOM.’ Use the remaining poster board to make a cone-shaped hat for the firework costume. Decorate with metallic pipe cleaners in little bursts; also stick a pipe cleaner out of the top to resemble the fuse.  Wearing red sweats and a red shirt underneath the firework costume will keep the look clean.