firework cake
When a hardcore pyrotechnician says “cake,” he means the type of multiple tube firework that is made of a series of roman candles, small aerial shells or a combination of both. The collection of devices are connected together via a high-speed fuse so that they cake goes off in a closely time sequence. These fireworks, which can range from just a few tubes to upwards of 1000, are called cakes because they resemble a big brick of bakery goodness (without the frosting, of course!)
Now, when a foodie with a fierce sweet tooth thinks of a “cake,” naturally he or she is thinking of a sugary treat suitable for celebratory event! What better way to blend the two ideas of a “cake” than with a firework themed cake?! At, we’ve seen all sorts of firework cakes (the edible kind) baked up in honor of the Fourth of July, the summer season or a landmark birthday celebration. Especially tempting is this simple layer cake decorated with homemade sugar fireworks made from a lollipop recipe. Although it looks complicated, our sources tell us the process is reasonably simple. Find a good recipe for hard candy. Cook the sugar mixture (usually sugar, water, corn syrup and cream of tartar) to the “had crack” stage (this is a BAKING TERM, people)!  Then, you’ll want to mix in the gel food coloring of your choice and drizzle the mixture from a spoon onto parchment paper lined baking sheets.  Leave a long “stem” to poke down into the cake so your candy fireworks stand up at various heights on the cake. Make one of these cakes for a firework fan, and you’ll be a hero forever!