In our September 13th blog post, I mentioned the crazy asbestos firework suits that I saw in the 1922 compendium, Pyrotechnics: The History and Art of Firework Making (by Alan St. Hill Brock). These full-body coverings embellished with firework lance work (that was ignited) were actually worn by a live person – who was hopefully still alive at the end of the stunt. To top this madness, I’ve found another photo from the era which illustrates the same concept, but with a one-two punch!
Apparently at a boxing exhibition in London, contestants wore asbestos suits rigged up with fireworks that were meant to glow in the dark as they sparred and explode during the match. It’s crazy, but true and the proof is all in a photo from a 1937 issue of Popular Science magazine.  Assuming that a modern-day suit was invented without carcinogenic compounds, would you be up to this dangerous, rock-em and sock-em stunt?  I mean, this is a twist on sparring, if you get punched hard enough you literally see stars.  Let us know what you think in the notes!