firework car
Sure, you could drive a conservative sedan or sporty SUV—but why would you want to if you could get behind the wheel of an “art car.” The idea of decorating cars in a unique way has been around for decades; remember singer Janis Joplin’s psychedelically-painted Porsche from the 1960s era?! Whether you call the idea of car modification a way of expressing your personal style or a way to spruce up an old jalopy, I call it completely cool. With art car parades from San Francisco to New York to Houston, there are plenty of opportunities to see these unique cars in action – some have been pained with leopard spots while others have Barbie dolls glued all over them. Anything goes! Maybe you’ll even see an art car pass you in traffic one day.  While this firework art car in the picture was captured with long-exposure photography, you could make something similar with sparklers, fountains and a bunch of firework fuse. Visit to get your supplies!