firecracker costume
Halloween is creeping up — it’s only a month away! But, there is still enough time to find a way to share your love of fireworks on October 31st . You could pass out smoke bombs or firecrackers to the trick-or-treaters or shoot off some showy orange artillery shells up into the air outside the nearest haunted house. These little antics might get you in trouble with parents and the police on Halloween night, so save your live pyrotechnic passions for another night. However, you can celebrate this spooky night with ‘fireworks’ by dress up as in a firecracker costume – it’s a blast of an idea for those extroverted personalities. Here are some instructions on how to create an easy-peasy firecracker costume for Halloween firework fun:
First, gather up sheets of red poster board, one yard of red felt, ½ yard white felt and scraps of white, blue and yellow felt for stripes and stars. Sparkly gold or silver pipe cleaners can be used for the fuse and foam felt to great the word ‘BOOM” or “FIRECRACKER” on the front.  There are no sewing skills required to whip up this firework costume, it all comes together with a hot glue gun.
Glue approximately 1 1/2 sheets of poster board into a cylinder by bringing the ends together. Make shoulder straps from strips of red felt. The white and blue felt is used to create a band around the chest and decorate with yellow felt stars. Underneath use the felt foam cut out and glue on the word ‘KABOOM.’ Use the remaining poster board to craft a cone-shaped hat for the firework costume. Finish off your Halloween costume creation with metallic pipe cleaners in little bursts; also stick a pipe cleaner out of the top to look like a piece of firework fuse.  To blend with the firecracker costume, wear red tights or pants and and a red shirt underneath.  You are guaranteed to have a blast in this fun firework costume – and stock up on safe and sane fireworks for fun that won’t get you busted.